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    Based in Cape Town, South Africa, the Cape region consists of the Eastern, Northern and Western Cape Provinces of South Africa as well as Namibia, St Helena Island and the Falkland Islands.
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April 2016: Do it with God!

Reconciliation—a word that slides so easily from our lips but is so difficult to practise in daily life. Most often, the path to reconciliation is a long one that requires something from all parties involved. On the part of the culprit, there must be remorse for his wrongdoing as well as the willingness to ask for forgiveness, and on the part of the victim there must be a willingness to accept the apology and forgive. Often, however, both conflicting parties bear some of the guilt, which does not make reconciliation any easier: who will take the first step? Who will be the first to overcome his pride and humble himself before the other? Who will take the risk, in some circumstances, of looking like a “weakling”? Read more

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In the Cape Apostle District, special early morning divine services are held for our members who work on Sundays. This has been taking place since 2008. These services normally commence at 7am and last for a maximum of 40 minutes.

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