Go well confirmands!


The message was clear; Remain true to the promise you will make on the day of your confirmation.

The Sunday school children were first in line to make the transition from Sunday school to youth, one which would be inspirational when they took the audience on a ride on the Gospel Train, which is one of many favorites found in the Bright and Beautiful children’s hymn collection.
Every group forming the congregational body had an opportunity to add a new dimension in wishing the confirmands well as they enter adulthood, which was done this evening with song.
The Sunday school teachers termed the experience nothing short of a heavenly transfer to adulthood which gave the youth fair chance to welcome the young group into what would prove to be an exciting new phase in their spiritual lives.
The final item on the agenda was the presentation of a memorabilia showing the vow they would soon make on the day of their confirmation after which they enjoyed fellowship with all who had come to share the day with them.


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