A spirited Saturday


A special spiritual session on a Saturday morning is an apt description for the meeting held at the Administration Office in Southfield on 9 June 2012 by District Apostle N Barnes for apostles and bishops of greater Cape Town.

Having been present at the Pentecost 2012 celebrations in Cologne with Chief Apostle W Leber, the district apostle used the morning gathering to share his experiences with those in attendance and presented an elaboration on the Pentecost guide word provided by the chief apostle. The Bible text from Luke 18: 27 "The things which are impossible with men are possible with God" was enhanced with further insights, gladly embraced by all. The district apostle informed the meeting of the planned ordinations and leadership changes which will take place during the chief apostle's visit in August 2012; a direct result of the pending retirement of one of the apostles and two bishops later this year, as well as of the growth and the needs of the work in the Cape District Church. This will bring additional joy and blessing to the work in the District Church. With the earnest commitment to support the district apostle for a blessed and successful transition to a new era in the work, the leaders left the meeting feeling spirited and excited to contribute their share to make this vision a reality.




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