“They did us proud”



The Sunday school children from the congregations of Eindhoven and Delft 1 demonstrated through music what Christmas means to them.

They were invited to entertain the seniors at the Protea Toyota event in Bellville South on Monday 12 December 2011. On a break from school for the summer, it was more than ideal to utilise to bring Christmas cheer to the seniors who would be treated to lunch. For the seniors it was even more special as it was not just their angelic voices which touched their heart strings but was to them an illustration of what this festive period means when they sang various tunes from the Bright and Beautiful children’s hymnal. In total 13 items were presented, with one of them summing up Christmas as a time to love. As the formalities of the afternoon were about to conclude a spokesperson from the Peace Haven Senior Citizens addressed the group and thank the children who not sacrificed time frolicking around in the sun, and using it to bring joy to their elders.


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