Divine service for the departed

Beaufort West

On Sunday 4 November at 11:00 the last service for the departed for the year 2012 will be held.
This will be an audio-visually transmitted divine service with District Apostle N Barnes serving from Beaufort West.
The historical church buildings in Beaufort West, which today are all national monuments, are a reflection of the early inhabitants’ Christian way of life. The first church building that was built was the Anglican Church in 1850. Thereafter in 1874 the Travellers’ Methodist church was built, followed by the NG Mother church in 1894. And it is from this NG church that the divine service will be broadcast to all the stations on the New Apostolic Church’s transmission network.
May the event and its location bring about a most unique preparation for everyone.

A member has written: “Beaufort West is almost in the middle of nowhere in the Karoo about 5 hours’ drive north of Cape Town. We sometimes paused on our travels to look at our church there and occasionally also attended the divine services. The late District Apostle Gut once mentioned that he was going to hold a divine service in Beaufort West and then remarked that our Church had had great difficulty in establishing itself there, but eventually all requirements were met and a church could be built at last.
Attached is a photo of the church. Please look at its shape. It started off as the small building in the front of the photo, towards the right. The congregation kept on growing and the building had to be extended, which is the bigger building in the middle, linking to the small one on the right. And they kept growing and had to extend yet again, which is the building to the left of the photo, linking to the middle one.”


A gathering of some significance
On the weekend starting Friday 2 November 2012 Beaufort West will become the gathering point for the senior leadership of the New Apostolic Church. They will converge on Beaufort West after having held divine services in a number of different congregations in the vicinity on the Thursday evening. As soon as they arrive in the town District Apostle Noel Barnes will hold a meeting with all the apostles.
The Saturday morning has been set aside to view some of the historic monuments in Beaufort West before a visit to the local cemetery where some of the Church leaders are buried. Thereafter a music hour will take place in the Rustdene congregation. District Elder Vernon Rodrigues who has been working in Beaufort West for the past few years will be retired from his ministry.  
The highlight of this gathering of significance will be the divine service for the departed that District Apostle Barnes holds on Sunday 4 November 2012 at 11:00 in the NG Moederkerk of Beaufort West. This divine service will be audio visually transmitted to all congregations on the New Apostolic Church network.

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